Apply now for college scholarships from MCMCFC endowment

Apply now for college scholarships from MCMCFC endowment

Apply now for scholarships from MCMCFC endowment

The Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation (GTRF) is now accepting applications for college scholarships drawn from the Michigan County Medical Care Facilities Council’s endowment fund there.

Approximately $1,700 is available for the Scholarship Committee to award this year from that fund.

“It’s a responsibility, and a privilege, to help the next generation of skilled nursing leaders advance their learning so they can continue the excellent quality of care found at our member facilities,” said Gary Easton, chair of the council’s Scholarship Committee and lifetime council member from Lapeer County.

To be eligible for a scholarship, the applicant:

  • Must be employed for at least one continuous year at an MCMCFC member facility or be the spouse or child of an employee
  • Must be enrolled in a college or university in the state of Michigan
  • Must be majoring in a health/human services field of study, at a junior level with at least a 3.0 GPA or accepted into a certified nursing program

“We expect another quality applicant pool from across Michigan, which makes the committee’s work harder – but that’s a good problem to have,” Easton added.

Member facilities can download this printable poster with scholarship details for use on bulletin boards and in staff newsletters.

Applications are due by March 15. Since the launch of the MCMCFC-GTRF partnership, the endowment has issued 30 scholarships worth just more than $17,000