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Facts about Medical Care Facilities

There are 34 Medical Care Facilities (MCFs) in Michigan that serve citizens in all of Michigan's 83 counties, regardless of ability to pay for care. Michigan County Medical Care Facilities are county-owned facilities that serve the indigent on a first-come. first-served basis, as mandated by law, and are therefore the safety net for vulnerable citizens who have no means to pay for their skilled nursing facility care. Additionally, MCFs provide placement for hard to place high-needs citizens, who may be rejected by other skilled nursing facilities.

  • The 34 Michigan County Medical Care Facilities have 5,129 beds at the present time. That number changes over time as new facilities are constructed or new wings or specialized programs are added.
  • In MCFs, 73.1% of residents are on Medicaid, compared with a statewide average of 62.6% Medicaid eligibility for all nursing homes residents.
  • The average total number of nursing staff time dedicated to each resident in a Michigan County Medical Care Facility is 5.7 hours per day.
  • County facilities excel. Seven of our Michigan County Medical Care Facilities were recently recognized for outstanding resident and employee satisfaction. They received the Excellence in Action award from NRC Health by National Research Corporation. This honor recognizes long term care and senior living organizations that achieve the highest levels of satisfaction excellence, as demonstrated by overall resident or employee satisfaction scores that fall within the top 10 percent of the NRC Health product database. Additionally, it is typical to have more than 70 percent of our facilities receiving a 4- or 5-star rating on the official government website. A 5-star quality rating is considered much above average and the highest rating you can receive.
  • MCFs typically pay a higher wage to their staff and have much better benefits than other nursing homes. MCFs consequently have lower staff turn-over than other nursing homes.
  • MCFs offer a wide variety of services including:
  • Child care, adult day care, computer classes for residents, access to a computer for e-mailing family and friends, end of life programs, unique meal services, such as restaurant style dining, tuition programs for employees, independent and assisted living, overnight respite, rehabilitative therapy, cottage, small house and Greenhouse environments.
  • 21 MCFs (60%) have employees that are Certified Eden Associates. The Michigan County Medical Care Facilities embrace a variety of culture change philosophies including The Eden Alternative. The Eden Alternative is an innovative philosophy of long term care that seeks to eliminate loneliness, helplessness, and boredom by creating a vibrant living and working environment for its elders and staff. This environment offers the opportunity to give meaningful care to other living creatures, and the variety and spontaneity that is inherent in an Eden Alternative setting.
  • Three MCFs are the sole skilled nursing facilities in their counties, while nine others are one of only two skilled nursing facilities in their counties. Eight MCFs are one of only three skilled nursing facilities in their counties. MCFs tend to be located in less densely populated areas of the state, serving the 25% of seniors aged 65 and above who live in rural Michigan.


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