MCF Nurse Recruitment Toolkit

Recruitment Monthly Toolkit

Welcome to your social media nurse recruitment monthly toolkit, designed exclusively for you to bolster your MCF nursing teams!
In light of the persistent nursing shortages and the importance of connecting with potential candidates in a rapidly changing digital landscape, we believe it’s time to harness the power of digital advertising and social media. By employing social media resources monthly, you can reach a broader pool of qualified nurses and nursing students and streamline your recruitment efforts.

Each month from January to June 2024, this page will be updated with a curated collection of monthly social media resources tailored to optimize your nurse recruitment efforts. The monthly social media templates are designed to highlight the unique opportunities within MCFs. From compelling job postings to engaging visual content, our toolkit provides the building blocks for a robust online presence and the ability for complete customization!

The Toolkit is a One-Stop Shop

  • Each month contains 18 social media graphics and messages. These posts can be used out-of-the-box or they can be customized to add your own website hiring URL and logo. This gives you up to 3 weekly posts each month to find talent!
  • Top trending hashtags
  • Full messaging content so you can easily copy and paste (provided in PDF, Word, and Pages).

Your MCF nurse recruitment toolkit was created with each MCF in mind! All of the materials are designed to be shared with your local audiences and across your media channels; they are fully downloadable and shareable, and each one is customizable!

How To Use The Toolkit

  • Download and share the social messages, graphics, and content in a way that fits the needs of your audiences and channels.
  • Each graphic is perfectly sized to fit Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter) and LinkedIn without needing any cropping or adjustments!
  • Use the hashtags, including #MCMCFC, when sharing related content (don't forget to include your personal MCF's hashtag!)
  • Our toolkit works in tandem with the digital advertising that we will be deploying specifically in your County to help with your nurse recruitment needs! The more times that the individuals see the matching graphics, the more they can be enticed to click and apply!
  • We also encourage you to use the social media assets in tandem with any actions recommended in your medical care facility's Best Practices and within your communities and networks.

*When you click on each month's toolkit, you will be taken to myMCMCFC file management system. You can download each asset file individually or you can click the big top "Zip Download" icon and download the entire folder to your computer!

Nurse Recruitment Monthly Toolkit

Toolkit Examples

MCMCFC Example

Rewarding careers start here! We're seeking RNs, LPNs, and CNAs [or customize for a specific position you want to highlight here]!

Why choose us?

  • Supportive work environment
  • Opportunities for professional growth
  • Competitive benefits including sign-on bonus, retirement, pension and more!
  • A work team that feels like family! 

Your dream career begins here: [insert your Career page URL here]

#NursingJobs #MichiganNurses #NowHiring #MCMCFC #nursejob

MCMCFC Example

Nurses Wanted: Bring Your Smile!

Are you a nurse with a contagious smile? We're searching for someone to enhance our resident’s lives and in return, you get an enriching career. In addition, you receive great pay, great benefits, and a generous retirement! Apply now and let your smile light up our [insert your MFC name] facility!

[insert your Career page URL here]

#PassionForCare #NurseLife #MCMCFC #Enrichinglives #nursejob