Tell Congress to end CNA ‘lockout’

Tell Congress to end CNA ‘lockout’

Members of MCMCFC are urged to share their voice with Michigan’s members of Congress for federal legislation (H.R. 4468 and S. 2993) to provide regulatory relief for skilled nursing facilities and better care for residents.

Under federal law, nursing homes are inspected annually and fines may be assessed for particular deficiencies in compliance with federal regulations. If these fines exceed a certain level ($10,697 as of 2018), a nursing home automatically loses its authority to train certified nursing assistants (CNAs) for two years. This “CNA Training Lockout” runs counter to a nursing home’s ability to provide the highest quality of care.

H.R. 4468 and the newly introduced S. 2993 would end the mandatory two-year lockout by authorizing the training program to be reinstated once the deficiencies for which the nursing home is cited are corrected.

We are now down to the wire as we work to get this legislation passed by the end of the year. Send a message today and encourage your elected members of Congress to show their support by co-sponsoring the bill today.

Click here to send an email in support of this legislation to your members of Congress today!