MCMCFC urges passage of bills on nursing shortages

MCMCFC urges passage of bills on nursing shortages

MCMCFC urges passage of bills on nursing shortages

Nurse HeaderThe Michigan County Medical Care Facilities Council (MCMCFC) testified in support of legislation to address workforce shortages in nursing centers before the House Health Policy Committee this week.

MCMCFC Executive Director Renee Beniak spoke in favor of House Bills 4316, by Rep. Ben Frederick (R-Shiawassee), and 5089, by Rep. Ann Bollin (R-Livingston).

HB 4316 would create a training program and permitting of medication aides through the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Practice as a medication aide would not include the practice of nursing and would not include administering controlled substances, administering medications in injectable forms, the initial administration of medications, or the administration of “as needed” medications.

A similar bill passed the Legislature last year but was pocket-vetoed by the governor.

Rep. Frederick said he would amend HB 4316 to include a “sunset,” or a set date in time when the law would expire unless further legislative action was taken, to help ensure the measure was working as expected.

HB 5089 would allow an applicant to be registered as a nurse aide with modified requirements during a declared COVID-19 public health emergency and for a four-month grace period after the end of the declared emergency. The bill also would ensure the on-the-job training as a temporary nurse aide would meet the training requirements to receive a nurse aide registration.

A full video of the committee hearing can be found here (testimony on these bills begins at the 55-minute mark).

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