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Allegan County MCF

Allegan County MCF
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3265 122nd Avenue, Allegan, Michigan, USA 49010
Phone: 269-673-0236

Welcome to Allegan County Medical Care Community! Our long history began in 1866 when the County of Allegan purchased the farm of Mr. Jedadiah Pope, operating what was affectionately called "the poor farm". This farm housed the county's poor, sick and homeless. The poor farm was closed in 1968 as construction of Allegan County Medical Care Facility, our current Community, began on this same property. ACMCC has been in operation since 1971. In 1998, a new special needs unit was added to the Community for 12 residents, providing excellence in dementia care and programs. Strategic planning in 2002 enabled our transition to Household environments as we embraced Eden Alternative concepts for culture change - moving from a medical model to household model of care and services to residents. Ten additional beds were added in 2003, creating a 70 resident community. Further strategic planning in 2006 brought significant physical plant changes beginning with the addition of the 10 resident Perrigo Memory Care Center for dementia care in January 2009. The renovation of 12 resident rooms and an additional kitchen and living room created the Gardenview Household for residents able to participate in daily decision-making opened later that year. What was the 12 resident Special Needs Unit was converted for short-term rehabilitation. A new kitchen was designed for the Hillcrest Neighborhood dining rooms to serve those 36 residents. Our new name and identity was adopted at this time. ACMCC reflects our transition to a "community" household, residential care model.

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