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Lenawee MCF

Lenawee MCF
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200 Sand Creek Highway, Adrian, Michigan, USA 49221
Phone: 517-263-6794

Lenawee Medical Care Facility is located in a rural setting . The facility is divided into eight households, each one having a kitchen, dining room and living room. Elders are placed in specific households based on their cognition so that daily activities can be centered on individual needs and desires. Lenawee Medical Care Facility’s main focus is to provide quality care to elders within an environment that promotes individuality, choice and the opportunity for meaningful activities and relationships. Lenawee Medical Care Facility works with elders individually to determine that their daily schedule is based on their desires and not what is convenient for staff or the facility. At Lenawee Medical Care Facility, elders sleep as late as they wish and have breakfast whenever they rise. Meals are served restaurant style. Activities are decided by the elders including community outings. Medication and therapy are given at the elder’s convenience. Bathing is at elders preferred times and days. Many “universal workers” have been trained to assist elders. Since winning the Michigan Governor’s Quality Care Award in 2002, Lenawee Medical Care Facility has been the recipient of 18 State and National Awards including the American Health Care Association Step II Quality Award in 2009. The elderly continue to be at the forefront of every change that is made at Lenawee. The facility strives to be innovative in its delivery of care, while maintaining the utmost dignity and respect for elders who reside there

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