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Pinecrest MCF (Delta, Dickinson, Menominee Counties)

Pinecrest MCF
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N-15995 Main Street, Powers, Michigan, USA 49874
Phone: 906-497-5244

For over 90 years, Pinecrest Medical Care Facility has been providing quality care to our Upper Peninsula communities and families. Owned by Delta, Dickinson and Menominee Counties, Pinecrest is centrally located in beautiful Powers, Mich. As a recognized area leader in long-term care, Pinecrest offers skilled medical care, Alzheimer’s care, physical, occupational and speech therapy, and can welcome up to 160 residents. With our implementation of the Eden Alternative to long-term care, the emphasis is on Quality of Life and Quality of Care for all residents. The reciprocal relationship between our residents and our pets, plants and visiting children is often very meaningful. Residents often act as caregivers to our cats, dogs, birds, fish and flora. Many of our residents enjoy visiting and doing activities with the children that visit Pinecrest. Our residents often receive companionship and love as a result of these relationships. All residents are invited to monthly Resident Council meetings where they can voice their concerns and suggestions about anything pertaining to life at Pinecrest. Quality, award-winning care is provided by our Pinecrest team, consisting of several departments working together to provide care directly or indirectly. Typically, the definition of 'care' means a group of professionals that come together to establish a comprehensive treatment plan.It is that but at Pincrest it's more. Our definition also includes the Eden Alternative element, 'helping others to grow.' Each person that joins our community has the ability to grow, contribute to their new surroundings and be well-known by the care partners.We believe people are looking for 'home' where they are well-known. We are a community of care and we work hard towards making a person feel welcome, well-known, and where life is worth living.

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